After Scary Motorcycle Wreck

What happens when you fall off your bike in a gnarly motorcycle crash? YOU GET YOUR ASS BACK ON … especially if you’re “Big Time Rush” star Logan Henderson

TMZ has learned … the Nickelodeon actor is back up on two wheels after a frightening crash in Hollywood back in December that he luckily escaped from with only scrapes and bruises. 

Henderson’s motorcycle was badly damaged in the wreck — when he was cut off by another driver and thrown from his bike. But Henderson was determined to ride again … and had the bike repaired. 

The final bill — $8,000 … but luckily for Logan, we’re told the other driver’s insurance covered the cost. 

After the repairs, Logan was so pumped to get back on his bike — he rode it to set for the taping of the season 3 finale of “BTR” … and don’t worry, he made it there safely. 

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